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HSquared, Inc. offers manufacturing customers a variety of basic and custom services




Tecnomatix/eMPower™ modeling and part programming.


Custom eMPower™ VCL solutions and productivity tools.


LK CMES/WinCMES part programming.


Brown & Sharp MM4 part programming.


3D CAD modeling utilizing EDS Unigraphics™.


3D CAD modeling utilizing AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop™.


Custom CAD application utilities utilizing GRIP and AutoLisp™.


Custom CMM programmer/operator training.


EDS IMAN™ utilization consultation.


HSquared, Inc. realizes that many companies utilize their CMM equipment for tollgate inspection only.  While this practice was commonplace when CMMs were introduced to industry, it has become quite expensive and nonproductive in today's manufacturing environment.  In today's highly competitive concurrent engineering marketplace, it has become imperative to combine CMM, machine tool, and CAD technologies to provide up-front comprehensive engineering solutions. These solutions include taking advantage of parametric and associative modeling to eliminate repetitive part programming that occurs in the concurrent engineering environment.


Numerically controlled machine tools are also frequently under utilized. HSquared, Inc. can provide solutions to not only provide more accurate parts but also provide on-machine part verification thereby using the machine as an integral piece of the quality process. This solution allows the same part programs to be run on both the machine tool and the CMM. In this scenario the CMM is now utilized as audit tool rather than a tollgate inspection tool or as a planned operation.


In addition to meeting all of your basic and advanced part programming requirements, HSquared, Inc. is capable of offering extensive CAD modeling services.  HSquared, Inc. offers engineering solutions utilizing your existing CAD data or can create and utilize a CAD model based on your organizations' specifications.


All part programs are written so they may be operated on a turnkey basis and are provided with sufficient documentation to be executed by operators equipped with only basic training.  Most part programs can be written and completed off-site thereby minimizing valuable machine time at the customers' site.


Standard Services


CMM Part Program Engineering


HSquared, Inc. engineers component part programs to meet the specifications and requirements of your company. Thereby maximizing the value of your CMM, machine tool, or data acquisition system.  Part programs can be generated on or off-site at the customers' discretion.  HSquared, Inc.  provides prompt service and solutions with quick turn around on simple or complex component/fixture programs.


In addition to utilizing the CMM’s native programming language(s), HSquared, Inc. offers programming solutions utilizing Tecnomatix eMPowerä Quality. eMPowerä Quality offers complete GD&T definition/analysis, gauge definition, probe path programming, machine tool interface, data post processing and stack up analysis.


CAD/CAM Engineering


HSquared, Inc. has a full complement of state of the art equipment, software, and experience to offer comprehensive CAD modeling solutions.  These engineered solutions can include the following; Completion/modification of your existing CAD model, for future data analysis and/or part program generation.  Fully parametric and associative CAD modeling for part family integration. Use of digitized or scanned data to construct an accurate 3D CAD model of the customers' prototype, master model, mold or product and subsequent comparison to an existing CAD model or future products (i.e. reverse engineering).  HSquared, Inc. can quickly and efficiently generate CMM programs, for complex 3D surfaces and normal vector analysis using either supplied or constructed CAD models.


Comprehensive Training Solutions


Tecnomatix eMPowerä Quality Training:


Basic eMPowerä Quality programming and fundamentals

            Advanced eMPowerä Quality programming

            Basic shop floor operator’s class

            Advanced shop floor operator’s class

            VCL programming

            Customer specific programming classes available


       LK CMES Training:


Basic CMES programming and fundamentals

            Advanced CMES programming

            Customer specific programming classes available


HSquared, Inc. is committed to offering the manufacturing community quality verification part programs, training, and engineering solutions while providing a cost competitive alternative to an in-house programming, modeling, and engineering staff.